Ever felt so exhausted and discouraged, craving for a space to nurture your drained soul?

I’ve got something special for you - a powerful antidote found in the joy of your own creativity.

As we kick off this new year, I know many of you still feel the heavy load of work, the exhaustion, and the struggle to find your spark again.

You might be struggling with a demanding career, questioning: "Why am I pouring so much energy in when all I feel is drained, running on empty, right on the brink of burnout?" Also wondering, “Who am I? What will make me happy?”

And yet, despite it, you still put on a brave face, pretending you are okay. Yearning for more, but unsure of what that ‘more’ is or how to get it.

Monday, Jan 22nd - 24th - 7:00 pm EST.

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What if I told you that embracing your creativity could be the relief you seek?

Like many of you, I used to believe art was only for kids or an unimportant pastime. However, science now reveals that it goes beyond therapeutic—it plays a vital role in enhancing our well-being.

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:
  • Online one-hour sessions. 
  • Guided power prompts to capture emotions and explore color to express them. 
  • Review basic coloring techniques to enhance your coloring skills! 
  • You’ll leave with a coloring page that tells the story of what you desire to feel.

Say yes to you and join “Color Your Way To Feeling Divine.” 

Experience a unique approach to coloring that will leave you feeling lighter.

I’m Claudia Marulanda, a portrait artist and workshop facilitator who has walked in similar shoes. Like you, I’ve faced moments of despair, questioning my purpose and existence on this planet. The turning point came when I hit an emotional rock bottom.
I was heartbroken, feeling lost and abandoned. 
Art became my medicine, a daily dose for healing—a safe space to express the inexpressible. It’s what allowed me to release the weight of the suppressed and repressed emotions I was battling with. I went from feeling empty and disconnected to feeling encouraged and worthy of happiness. 

Through my own journey, I discovered the transformative power of Art, and now, I’m excited to guide you on a similar path. Save time and tears and discover how amazing it is when you finally say
yes, to yourself.

Here is what you can expect:

  • A beautiful coloring page.
  • Prompts to explore and express emotions.
  • Reflect to reframe and envision.
  • Understanding of how to navigate through feelings.
  • Release stress and clear mental blocks.
  • Coloring techniques to improve your skills.

And if you are wondering, “Am I artistic enough?” don’t worry. This workshop is not just about coloring skills—it’s about using Art as a transformative tool for emotional growth.

Mark your calendar for three self-care days

starting on January 22nd, 2024.

Don’t let this moment pass you by. Get your colored pencils out and open your heart to a new and creative experience that will redefine how you see yourself and colors. 
Click below to sign up.

The clock is ticking, quit putting yourself on the back burner, you’re too precious.

Monday, Jan 22nd - 24th - 7:00 pm EST.

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See What Others Are Saying About Claudia
"I found incredible peace this week where there had been so much turmoil. Completing my coloring page was closing a chapter." - Jill
Very experienced, professional and knowledgeable. Took a coloring workshop, and definitely recommend. Was relaxing, enjoyable and informative! Loved sharing and seeing everyone's work. Her art is empowering, positive and inspiring. -Allison
As a professional career and life coach, I was glad to be part of Claudia Marulanda's 3-day workshop to experience healing through art. I use assessments in my coaching practice but this was the first time art used as an outlet to deal with emotional issues was illustrated through coloring. – Regina F.
"Today I really needed this. It helped to focus the negative energy I was feeling. I awaken with a headache and after finishing this I can say its gone."
- Johanna
"The Workshop with Claudia was inspiring and provided the opportunitie to look deep inside myself and express the feelings of gratefulness and notice how far I am on the healing journey."
- Leah/Aalga
“I enjoyed the class so much. Thank you, Claudia and all of the participants for sharing your light and creativity.”
– Carmen Peña
Special Bonuses: When you register and attend the
"Color Your Way To Feeling Divine
," you will get
access to these bonuses.

  • The 5 Exciting Mediums To Color With (Video) 
  • In this video, you get valuable insights into coloring with different mediums that you can immediately apply to your coloring pages. You’ll discover simple and fun mediums that will dazzle your coloring pages! 
  • And when you apply the tips, your art will be enhanced in ways you did not expect. Besides improving your coloring skills, you will have a beautiful visual representation of the emotional journey you experienced in this workshop.

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