Are you fed up with the constant struggle,
feeling lost and disconnected?

It’s time to discover the magic in envisioning your empowered self.

If you find yourself stuck in familiar patterns – be it at work, with family, or facing financial challenges – it can leave you emotionally drained and disconnected.

The fear of trying something new and stepping into the unknown becomes overwhelming, trapping you in the same patterns and ultimately affecting your emotional and mental health, both personally and professionally.

What if I told you these fears and emotional challenges can be addressed as you tap into your inner artist?

You see, the fears and emotions we feel result from our perception of ourselves and the mental picture we’ve created. 
The way I can help is by guiding you to use your imagination and envision a new you. Art, in its transformative power, opens the door to self-discovery and self-expression, reshaping your self-perception along the way.
And don’t just take my word for it —scientific research backs the transformative power of Art on our biology. 
According to the book “Your Brain on Art: How the Arts Transform Us” by Susan Magsamen and Ivy Ross, “The Arts trigger the release of neurochemicals, hormones, and endorphins that offer you an emotional release... you are biologically changed.” It’s not just about creating something beautiful; Art catalyzes healing and personal transformation.
“Uncover The Goddess Within Future Self-Portrait” a 7-week transformative program that fuses art and self-discovery to craft a vibrant vision of your future. Think of it as curating a personalized vision board, where you can create a new narrative and uncover the confident, empowered woman within you.
You can expect:

•  To dive each week into the topic of transforming your self-image through a series of conversations and art projects. 

•  You can start envisioning a new you as you explore your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. 

• Acquire tools to equip you to create your best you. 

•  Enjoy learning techniques using several mediums, such as colored pencils, soft pastels, watercolors, and ink pens, to bring to life that vision of your future self. 

•  Lastly, emerge from the past and step forward with courage into a fuller and brighter future.
* Art by participant, Carmen Peña

You see, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of Psycho-Cybernetics, emphasized that ‘To change your life, you must first change the way you see yourself.’ Our transformative journey through Art is more than just creating; it’s about experiencing a shift in self-perception.

I’ve experienced the joy of transforming the perception I held of myself in the past. 
For most of my life, I carried an emptiness, disconnected and unsure of my identity. 
Eventually, I hit an emotional rock bottom. 
Everything I knew crumbled, leaving me heartbroken, abandoned, and lost. But, amidst the despair, I chose to say yes to new experiences, and that led me to art.
Art became my medicine, a place for self-reflection, self-expression, and heart healing. It is where I envisioned a better version of myself—a Claudia worthy of happiness.
Now, I’ve channeled all my learnings and experiences into this transformative program that’ll save you precious time and spare you from painful tears. It’s designed to guide you on a profound exploration of self-discovery, where you will look within to build a better relationship with yourself.
Art is my medicine.

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Why a Future Self-Portrait?

Because you, my dear, are the most important asset in your life. Living into a vision of your future is far more empowering than living out of a memory of your past.

This portrait is about self-expression and intention. It’s your passage to a transformative journey —nurturing your feminine energy, sharpening your self-awareness, and empowering you to engage in your creativity to craft an abstract or symbolic depiction of the magnificent person you are becoming. 
You will: 

Have space to explore your past and present to start obtaining clarity.

Learn creative techniques to build your own portrait. 

Have a visual and tangible representation of the woman you’re striving to become.


I had so much fun during the free workshop that I decided to sign up and register for her multi-week (more in depth) workshop to create a future self-portrait! Claudia is very knowledgeable about creating art on different media and encouraged us to explore with various methods of adding color to our portraits (colored pencils, watercolor paints, pastels, markers, etc)! I absolutely loved seeing everyone’s own interpretation of the art piece and gained so many ideas for future projects just by hearing others discuss how they did certain things on their artwork pieces. I particularly loved how Claudia helped me tap into those old feelings, really look at my current mindset, and help curate what I’d like to see for future me!!! —Rachel

I took Claudia’s class while on medical leave from work, which gave me a good amount of time to enjoy the experience. We learned a lot about colors, methods, and types of designs, and we had a nice community in which we could share our thoughts and aspirations for how we wanted to express ourselves with our self-portraits. I really enjoyed the exchanging of ideas and how we encouraged one another. Claudia brought in other teachers to give us new perspectives and helped us as we planned for our final project. It was a fun and enjoyable class! And I’m very happy with how my Goddess Self Portrait revealed herself to me. —Carolyn

“Even though I have worked through most of my traumas, this was very healing too.”
– Nadine

The workshop was great. It helped me examine emotional things in my past that were keeping me from doing things I wanted to. It got me in touch with me, helping me realize I needed to take care of myself in order to be there for others. It also enabled me to stop limiting myself about things I can do. It got me out of my comfort zone and not be afraid to try something different, which helped me improved on other artistic things I'm doing. —Ann
“This future self-portrait is all about who I want to become and bringing out the best of me.” 
Here is the Recap of what you will get.

Weekly live (12) lessons to explore and cultivate awareness of your emotions. Adding up to a total of 12 meetings in 7 weeks

$900.00 Value

Art Kit with everything you need to complete and create your beautiful portrait.

$200.00 Value

Weekly art exercises for you to introspect and practice art mediums and techniques.

$200.00 Value

A free coaching session with a guest success coach to talk about self-image.

$250.00 Value

The ultimate experience of creating a new you!


Start your transformation for  just $497.00

Payment options available.

Imagine the value of having the "Uncover The Goddess Future Self-Portrait" program guide you towards self-discovery and empowerment. The investment for this transformative experience is just $497. This is an opportunity to invest in your own growth, painting a brighter path for yourself.

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